Photovoltaic lines

Automatic machines for the manufacturing of PV-Panels:

  • Thin film backend module assembly line
  • Automatic Edge Deletion Machine (thin film)
  • High Voltage Test Machine (dry, wet, inline, offline)
  • Isolation test
  • Sun Simulator (Flasher)
  • Labelling Station (Data Matrix, Barcode Reader, MES Connection)
  • Front ,Back-Glass Loading (with laser marking)
  • Framing (Tape, Butyl, Semi-or fully automatic with Robot)
  • Trimming Station (Manual / Robot)
  • Semi Automatic Tabber /Stringer
  • Junction box application & setting fixture
  • Pairing Station (Glas / Glas Modules)
  • Inspection station
  • Fully automatic packing systems
  • Transportation (Buffer, Conveying, Shuttle)