Turnkey Cold End Lines

Turnkey Cold EndLines

We have been designing, building and installing cold-end process lines for float & rolled glass since 2003.

Glass ribbon is processed directly after it is pulled out from the oven. This means there is a 100 m continuous ribbon from the oven to the cutting bridges and collection line.

Conveyor systems working at speeds up-to 80 m/min, suitable for all processes are used. Our proprietary optimization software OPTIMAY ® is  engineered to maximize line performance by optimizing dimensions with respect to quality classifications and production orders.

Main elements of the cutting line are:

  • Ribbon measuring encoder
  • Servo controlled X-Y cutting bridges with speeds of up to 4m/s with synchronized longitudinal and lateral cutting heads
  • Robust Conveyors
  • Snap-off and edge removal systems
  • Emergency disposal units (crushers) at inlet and outlet of the line to break and guide the glass back to the oven
  • Robotic stacking, vertical or horizontal papering and stringing systems
  • Vertical & horizontal papering options
  • On-the-fly unloading
  • Real-Time Optimal Cutting Software (OPTIMAY®) “communicates” with the automation software to minimize glass scrap ratios with consideration of glass quality classification and production orders. OPTIMAY®, our proprietary software, also includes reporting tools to track the planning, manufacturing and quality performance.
  • Quality control systems
  • Complete Automation and Scada control system